Welcome Deelerz

Distributing good merch in the solana blockchain.

Our Vision

We believe in the power and utility of NFTs , that’s why we decided to fund our company in this ecosystem, we are here to put all our effort and energy to build what we ever dreamed for.

What are you up to?

We are building an organically strong like minded community that likes good art, share important knowledge and makes wise investments.

As someone that is new in the space, you looking for a good start point where you can feel safe and have help from experienced people.
We as a project want to provide this to new investors but also to experienced NFT degens.

The Team

Our team has diverse range of skills and experience, including, but not limited to: marketing, graphic design, art creation, music production, event organization and blockchain developing.


In the near future your Dreg Deeler NFT will give you access to:

  1. One of the most chill communities in solana, growing day by day.

  2. Be part of a lifestyle brand focussed in beautiful creations inside and outside the network.

  3. Whitelists opportunities and constant research from our Alpha Team.

  4. Exclusive apparel, music and art events worldwide and other IRL benefits.

  5. Many more good things to be announced.